Studio Berlingieri Maresca is a specialist in offering advices, assistance and legal protection to operators in the maritime industry in all aspects of maritime law, land, air and combined transport and international trade. Amongst its clients are included foreign States, Italian and foreign shipowners, shipyards, charterers, port operators, forwarding agents, ship managers, insurance companies and P&I Clubs, Italian and foreign banks, traders and operators in the oil and steel industries, as well as numerous amongst the outstanding European, American and Asian law firms.

The law firm provides advice in matters of European and international commercial and company law, bankruptcy and insolvency, recognition of judgments and arbitration awards and has acquired a special experience in security and enforcement procedures in connection with maritime proceedings.

The members of Studio Berlingieri Maresca have in fact received instructions to represent clients in connection with known and important events and reference is made for example to the “Andrea Doria” and “Stockholm” collision and to the “Cavtat” and “Lady Rita” collision. To environmental catastrophes, from the “Torrey Canyon” to the “Haven”, from the “Erika” to the “Prestige”. Maritime accidents, amongst which the “Luisa”, the “Hakuyoh Maru”, the “Achille Lauro”, the “Snam Portovenere”, the “Micoperi 30” and more recently the collapse of the Pilot tower in the harbor of Genoa and the “Norman Atlantic”.

Assistance to contracts and maritime disputes;

Charter-Parties and contracts of carriage, management contracts and brokerage contracts, liability and limitation of owners and carriers liability, arrest of ships and cargoes

Construction, purchase and sale and financing of yachts;

Negotiation, drafting and stipulation of contracts of building, repair and transformation of ships and pleasure boats, contracts for purchase and sale of ships and pleasure boats, contracts for the financing, leasing, mortgage and related securities, refund guarantees, restructuring of debt, procedure for the change of flag and bareboat charter registration.

International trade;

INCOTERMS, disputes in matters relating to quality and quantity of the goods, sale and documentary credits contracts, oil, chemical and other matters as well as skins and food, establishment of companies and branches, sale of shares, transfer and rent of enterprises.

Marine insurance;

P&I cover, hulls, goods, insurance agency, reinsurance, total loss of ships.

 Maritime accidents and oil polluton;

General and particular average, collisions and groundings, damage to berths, port works and floating objects, maritime piracy, limitation of owner’s liability, national and international rules on maritime environment, disposal of garbage, damage to the environment.

Maritime and air carriage of goods and persons;

Loss of or damage to goods, damages by delay, carriage by sea and air of goods and persons, damage to persons or baggage within the scope of national, community and international rules.

Multimodal and land carriage;

CMR, COTIF-CIM loss of or damage to goods, damage by delay within the scope of national, community and international rules.

Port services, forwarding and agency;

Terminal activities and logistics, port concessions, safety of port operations, accidents and labor diseases, forwarding and agency agreements, relation between owners and their auxiliaries.

Towage, salvage and offshore;

P&I cover, hulls, goods, insurance agency, reinsurance, total loss of ships.