The firm makes available on a monthly basis a conference room for the meetings of the “Il Diritto Marittimo”, a quarterly journal founded in 1899 by Francesco Berlingieri Senior, for the purpose of promoting the knowledge of maritime law and its international unification: a mission always pursued by the journal.

The journal is made of seven sections:

  1. Articles
    With articles by Italian and foreign writers in Italian and other languages (English, French and Spanish).
  1. Jurisprudence
    Consisting of a section in English with a summary of judgments on the interpretation and application of international maritime law conventions, followed by a summary of the jurisprudence of the EU Court of Justice and of the Italian Courts and of the Courts in other jurisdictions on maritime law matters with case notes and reference to precedents.
  1. Summary of jurisprudence of other maritime States
    With summaries of recent decisions.
  1. Chronicles
    With articles on issues of interest for the maritime industry.
  1. News
    With information of events of interest to shipping people.
  1. Legislation
    With the text of most important maritime acts, either EU and Italian.
  1. Bibliography
    Review of recent Italian and foreign maritime books.